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What sort of education does your child receive at St Patrick's ?

All courses are based on the syllabus documents developed by the NSW Board of Studies. The same Syllabus Documents from the Board of Studies are used in every school in NSW: Government Schools, Independent Schools and Systemic Schools. The study of Religious Education is an additional learning area for Catholic schools and comes from our Archdiocesan Curriculum: Treasures New and Old.

The syllabus documents outline the outcomes to be achieved. All ranges of abilities are catered for, with provision for students needing individual help because of learning difficulties and for those requiring gifted and talented enrichment.


A summary of the Key Learning Area's is provided below.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Technology is incorporated into all areas of the curriculum. All classrooms and the library have Interactive Whiteboards for teaching and learning purposes.  There are iPads, i Pad Mini's, cordless note pads, lap top computers, desk top computers and flip video cameras available to students for many learning experiences. There are interactive white boards (IWB's) in all classrooms and the library.Students use these technologies as part of their everyday learning across curriculum areas.  Students in senior classes use email as an option to send their homework to class teachers each week.

Physical Education

Physical Education and sport play an important part in the development of all children at St Patrick's. During the weekly sessions (usually Thursday) students are involved in a range of activities which develop their skills and fitness levels in a wide variety of sports and activities.


In every class the children engage in a range of activities aimed at enhancing their musical appreciation and music literacy.


Your child's progress is reviewed regularly using a variety of means. Parents also receive:
. a formal report written by the classroom teacher - at the end of Terms 2 and 4.
. the opportunity to make comment and arrange an interview with teachers after reorts are sent home.  Parents can request an appointment at any time during the school terms if they have any concerns about their child's progress.

Key Learning Areas

Staff at St Patrick's develop classroom programs in each of the major learning areas based on the Board of Studies Curriculum requirements.  These include NSW Syllabus documents. Each Key Learning Area covers strands relating to the particular curriculum area of study.

Religious Education 

Treasures New & Old Core Syllabus Document

NSW K-6 English Syllabus

Talking and Listening


NSW K-10 Mathematics Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum

Number & Algebra
Measurement & Geometry

Statistics & Probability

Working Mathematically

NSW K-6 Schence and Technology Syllabus

Investigating scientifically
Designing and Making
Natural Environment
The Made Environment

NSW K-6 Human Society and Its Environment Syllabus (HSIE)

Change and continuity
Social Systems and Structures

NSW K-6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Syllabus (PDHPE)

Active Lifestyle                               Gymnastics

Games and Sport                            


Personal Health choices                  

Safe Living

Growth and Development

Interpersonal Relationships

NSW K-6 Creative Arts Syllabus

Visual Arts



Extra Curricular Activities

Various extra curricular activities are also available to enrich the Curriculum such as:

  • Music and Singing Tuition offered by Wagga School of Music
  • School Choir
  • Public Speaking competitions
  • Aspirations Program (Science & Mathematics)
  • Chess Competition
  • Poetry competitions
  • Life Education program (each year)
  • Peer Support program
  • Sporting teams participate in a range of carnivals and for a range of sports
  • Students can participate in town competitions involving Rugby League, AusTag, Soccer, Netball, Swimming.



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