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At St Patrick's we believe that English underpins each curriculum area and is intrinsic to all learning.

Our English education at St Patrick's includes:



1. Teaching of "Jolly Phonics" and "Jolly Grammar" throughout the School. Children learn all the forty-two sounds of the English Language from Kindergarten.

2. An innovative Literacy Block in each class set aside daily to focuses on Guided Reading Groups, Comprehension, Spelling Strategies, Grammar and Critical Literacy.

3. Sight Words and Home Readers for Kindergarten children.

4. Explicit teaching of Grammar and Spelling Strategies in every grade.

5. Parent assisted Individual Reading and Sight Word Program.

6. Running Records of children's reading ability conducted regularly for Assessment and Portfolio Records.

7. Sequential Writing Program introducing children to a wide variety of Text Types continually throughout all grades.

8. Opportunities of Talking and Listening in Infants and Primary.

9. Public Speaking in Primary Grades at District Level.

10. Reading in public to audiences through Liturgy presentations.

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