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Religious Education

At St Patrick's your child will receive a knowledge of the Catholic Faith through a systematic coordinated whole-school Religious Education program. This is based on the Archdiocesan Syllabus, "Treasures New and Old" and includes:


1. God and God's Creation

2. Jesus and Discipleship

3. Church in the World

4. Prayer and Celebration (weekly Mass or Liturgy prepared by each Class on a rotation basis and conducted in the Church)


At St Patrick's we:

  • Pray: as a whole school, in class, the Angelus bell at 9 o'clock and noon and before meals.
  • Celebrate Liturgies: weekly, every Wednesday at noon (view further information about our Parish).
  • Are Involved in Sacramental programs: Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation.
  • Care for others through raising money for Catholic Missions and helping charities in the wider communities.
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